Your Very Own Flower/Organic Pile!

Image of Your Very Own Flower/Organic Pile!

Does not specifically reference this piece - I will make you a new one. Basically this is a "let's talk" option.

Get it while I'm still cheap! (Heh) Doesn't have to be an incense thing or even a jar. Can just be a pile on a base, fruits etc of your choice. I have 15 years of ceramic flower making experience on top of teaching people how to make this stuff in FONDANT for like 3 years - very diverse, multifaceted, etc.

I'm currently living a blighted Victorian fever dream in Springfield, IL, and honestly I really love it here. The swampy approach to decoration is finally coming out in my work the way I always wanted it to. There is a huge, pink, restored, Lincoln-era house next door among all of these burned out halfway houses that were selling for $1 at one point, and I don't know if I can live without that insane dialogue in my life going forward. It's a weird paradise.

AND, I'm back to glaze testing, which was what I wanted to do all day every day anyway. This gem of a matte blue finish just absolutely glows, and there isn't anything else out there like it because I had to tweak it to get it to do what I wanted.

Shipping on this will probably have to wait until my solo show comes down in late March/early April. But it will be like when you have a dog sitter, I can send you pics along the way. It will give me much street cred to put those little red dots on everything before the show even opens ;)

Size wise.. about 15" high with base? Let's say no more than 15" around; there might be appendages.