Pier 1 Plate

Image of Pier 1 Plate

So called because it's like a paint your own pottery thing? Could have been made in China? Kind of? Actually not, and I really like it - I wouldn't put it up if I wasn't fully behind my skills. There is a small little fleck of something in the middle of the bowl, but I also like that. Japanese potters/hardcore craft people call it "wabi sabi" but it's probably just "pretend lazy hipster lost in the woods". I love the little dents I didn't plan on.

Food safe, fully vitrified, and the bottom is great. I love how that blue flowed. It's a studio glaze here and I am about to get rid of it because it doesn't usually behave itself. It flows too much because students don't know it's a beast, it ends up all over the kiln shelves, then the shelves eat all the bottoms of my mugs. Hell nope.

Probably about 9", and can pass itself off as a shallow bowl.